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The Smile You Have Always Wanted Can Be Yours

Smile brightly and confidently regardless of your age. Perhaps the inability to have braces placed as a child or a lax approach to a retainer has left your smile a little off-center. Regardless of the reason for what you may feel is a less-than-perfect smile, Dr. Nooshi Akavan is an expert in adult orthodontics and can remake your smile into the award-winning smile you’ve fantasized about.

Having concerns about your smile is common and largely cosmetic. However, correcting your smile can also contribute to overall dental health.

Your smile may be more than a cosmetic concern. In addition to enhancing one of your most remarkable features, Akavan Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry focuses on bite misalignment, which can contribute to a series of mental complications. The complications include gum disease, tooth loss, decay, and pain, especially when chewing.

Adult Orthodontics Tarzana, Encino, Reseda, Woodland Hills

Many of our patients benefit from adult orthodontics, and supporting that smile improvement does not have a deadline.

Does the idea of a beautiful smile excite you but the thought of metal braces not so much? Well, there are options. Orthodontics has benefited from innovation over the years. Our adult patients have found that Invisaligns, a collection of clear, custom-made teeth aligners, are an ideal option for treatment.

Invisalign aligners are flexible and comfortable, allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods still and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine because they are removable. The most prominent feature is their clear color, enabling you to enhance your smile discreetly and confidently.

Dr. Nooshi Akahavan will speak with you during your initial examination to assess your teeth and determine the best treatment. Akavan Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry offers convenience for your busy schedule, minimum wait times, and flexible hours at our Tarzana location.

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