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Akavan Orthodontics understands that getting braces can be challenging, and they also understand how to help maneuver the process quickly. Dr. Nooshi Akavan can help you make your orthodontic treatment a stress-free process, and she caters your treatment plan to your needs down to the smallest detail.


Braces are a trusted method for smile restoration and teeth straightening in the U.S. Reportedly, more than 4 million people benefit from the advantages of wearing braces. One million of them are adults looking to have dental misalignment corrected along with a beautiful smile.

Akavan Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry has several available treatments to straighten your child’s teeth. We can help you explore those options to match your child with the absolute best type of braces.

Below is a list of the best braces and clear aligners available

Metal Braces

Traditional braces, made up of metals, are the most common braces available. They have benefited from the evolution of materials and technology used in orthodontic dentistry as they are more comfortable than traditionally placed appliances. They also allow for more added personality flair with the ability to add rubber bands in your favorite color choice creating a signature smile.

Ceramic Braces

Braces made from ceramic materials are a bit of a step up from traditional metal braces. Their unique color makes them more aesthetically pleasing, less metal, and closer in color to your natural teeth. Considering their less visible composition, they are popular among older teens, young adults, and adult patients that chooses to have more of an emphasis on their smile presentation.

Ceramic braces are a step up from metal braces in appearance, but their overall makeup can cause challenges when it comes to proper cleaning, making them a better option for upper front teeth over lower teeth.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a popular choice among dental patients for many reasons. Their clear color and plastic makeup make them nearly invisible and more comfortable. Clear aligners like Invisalign are versatile, customized to fit, and removable for eating and drinking. The orthodontic treatment requires a collection of aligner trays designed to achieve teeth alignment over just a few months.


Orthodontic innovation makes it possible to apply braces directly to the teeth’s surface using a particular process and unique adhesive. There is no need for ominous drilling to complete the process, glue, and stick, and it can be achieved in less than a lunch break, depending on the number of teeth needing braces.


Braces are the solution for many orthodontic issues like:

Overbites: This happens when there is a significant overlap between the upper and lower teeth. In addition to appearance, the condition can cause considerable pain.

Crossbites: This condition creates appearance concerns, gum disease, irregular jaw growth, and other orthodontic concerns. A crossbite occurs when an uneven bite happens between the top and bottom teeth.

Other concerns are crowded teeth and bite misalignment, which can lead to impacted teeth accommodated by pain and infection.

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