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About Dr.Nooshi Akavan

Enchancing Lives Through Beautiful Smiles

It's my privilege and passion to work closely with each of my patients in finding the treatment option that best meets their wishes and needs and is affordable.

Dr. Nooshi Akavan attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry graduating in 1988 with her doctorate in Dental Sciences. Over 25 years of experience USC graduate Board Certified Orthodontis.

Upon graduating from dental school, Dr. Akavan practiced general dentistry for three years before returning to the University of Southern California earning her degree in orthodontics and her masters in craniofacial biology.

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25+Years of experience

USC graduate

Akavan Orthodontics focuses on setting our teen patients up for a successful journey to enhancing their smiles. Invisalign Teeth sets them off in the right direction with confidence- no wires and no bands like traditional braces. The Invisalign method involves a collection of removable aligners that will progressively straighten their teeth. In addition to a more perfect smile, Invisalign Teen aligners will assist in proper bite alignment and comfortability.

What Benefits Does Invisalign Offer?

Invisalign Teen VS. Invisalign

Both are innovative systems with a shared technology base. Invisalign Teen, however, was developed by orthodontists who work directly with and understand the needs of teen patients. Their valuable input helped shape the Invisalign Teen Method, including features like:


Invisalign Teens were created with a fail-safe to protect and monitor the teeth alignment journey for a successful treatment. Dr. Nooshi Akavan provides her teen patients with a treatment plan that includes wearing their aligners for a recommended 22 hours minimum daily.

Teen Invisalign created its aligners with built-in accountability to help teen patients, their parents, and their orthodontist stay on top of monitoring their progress and commitment. The built-in color indicator fades from blue to clear. The visual helps Dr. Akavan identifies if the teen is being committed to their orthodontic treatment. It also allows her to successfully redirect the process, generally before the journey is derailed.

Replacement Aligners

Adults misplace and damage things often, so we must expect teens to do it twice as often. While teen patients are encouraged to keep track of their aligners and maintain them with proper care, sometimes things happen. Invisalign Teen understands that, which is why they replace up to 6 aligners at no charge, easing the minds of teens and their parents.

Getting Your Free

When you come in for your no charge consultation:

I’ll evaluate and explain your orthodontic and pediatric dentistry needs for you or your child, and from there we’ll figure out your best choice — braces, Invisalign®, different aligners, or a different option.

What matters to me is to provide you with the best possible care and have you end up with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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