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Your child will make a few stops to the dentists over their life, but the first is the most memorable and should be enjoyable. Dentist offices are not scary to your child by nature. The fear arises from a frightening experience. Akavan Orthodontics and Children's Dentistry do not subscribe to fearful dental visits. Your child's experience is our priority, and we want them to enter the doors each time, beaming with excitement and relaxed.

We will help your child maintain optimal dental health. Accept DentiCal. Most PPOs.

Per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry:

It is recommended that your child have their first dental visit by the time they are one year old. This visit is critical, and it helps jumpstart proper dental care for the early budding teeth that shows up between 6 and 12 months

What Happens When New Teeth Push through?

Your baby's first teeth will push through between 6 and 12 months, and the teething process will continue roughly through age three. Gum discomfort is typical and expected around this time, and we suggest using a teething ring or eleven to rub a clean finger across them to help soothe the pain. A wet cloth is also an option.

Along the way, your child will experience other teeth growing and shedding phases. Permanent usually comes in around five and will continue to break through until age 21. The permanent teeth count is 28, 32 if including wisdom teeth.

Practice Healthy Oral Hygiene Routines

During the teeth budding process, keep an eye on your child's progress. If there are any signs of discoloration or suspicious lines, it could indicate tooth decay. Remember to protect their teeth from sugary food and drink choices. They are the culprit of decay and failed dental health. Pediatric dentistry recommends brushing habits at least twice daily for best oral hygiene.

There is no such thing as too-soon brushing when teeth have arrived. Once your baby's teeth pop through, pediatric dentistry recommends establishing proper brushing habits. Parents are encouraged to choose a soft bristle option and a small (pea-sized) squeeze of toothpaste. Opt-out of fluoride toothpaste for children under two unless your dentist or another healthcare professional instructs otherwise. Considering their age and eagerness, it is vital to go over proper brushing techniques.

It's also a great idea to discuss the other and often neglected part of oral hygiene: flossing. The best approach is to start with professional advice from your child's dentists regarding the best time to start. If your child's teeth decay, reach out to your dentist immediately.

Prevent Tooth Decay By maintaining regular Pediatric dentistry

Sugar is a primary source of tooth decay, and it stems from leftover sugar in the mouth and turns into acid, which breaks down your teeth. Children are the most significant risk factors for tooth decay, and irregular and sometimes improper oral hygiene habits make them a perfect candidate for thriving tooth decay.

However, proper oral hygiene (regular brushing and flossing) and regular dental checkups can help prevent tooth decay.

Pediatric dentists recommend two semi-annual checkups for cleaning along with fluoride treatments. Practicing a regular dental routine helps your child maintain strong, healthy teeth. Another recommendation includes teeth sealant, which 'seal' the more challenging to reach nooks and crannies, helping prevent teeth decay. They last for several years and can be checked on during your child's routine visits.

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