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Orthodontic Treatments

Adults are taking more interest in orthodontic treatments and looking to improve their oral hygiene practice and correct their teeth.

It’s common for adult patients to find that their needed scope of dental treatment includes corrective care, orthodontic treatment, or gum and jaw and bone care. Aesthetic enhancements and braces are among the needed options.

In cases where a patient has a treatment scope that requires multiple treatments, it is vital to involve the necessary skills to ensure a successful process.

Multiple clinicians can help take a collaborative approach, and the combined expertise can be a collection of skills from a general dentist, orthodontist, and others specializing in specific oral care. This is referred to as a multidisciplinary method and is very helpful when a problematic case occurs. It is like a 360-degree approach to orthodontic care.

During your initial, complimentary consultation, patients can discuss their complete concerns with Dr. Akavan. Based on your needs, she will help you pinpoint the best approach to give you the physically attractive teeth you deserve in a timely fashion while maintaining your comfort.

We understand that our patients can sometimes be racing the clock with the many things already on their schedule. Our orthodontic location in Tarzana has flexible hours and short wait times. Give us a call today to get your treatment on schedule and completed.

Pre-Restorative Orthodontics

Another form of orthodontic care that requires collaboration is Pre-Restorative Orthodontics. In the process, general dentists work closely with oral surgeons or even periodontists to take care of dental concerns that need teeth relocation to achieve optimal results. Example treatments include bridges, crowns, implants, and similar. Following teeth correction, restorative care and customizations can begin.

When dealing with a multi-teeth restoration treatment, Dr. Akavan will thoroughly assess whether teeth are correctly positioned to ensure that functionality and attractiveness have the highest probability of long-term effectiveness.

Surgical Orthodontics

Orthognathic surgery, or surgical orthodontics, focuses on correcting severe cases of orthodontic treatment. Such as bad bites, jawbone irregularities, and malocclusion.

There are nine dental specialties recognized in orthodontic treatments. Oral and maxillofacial surgery focuses on treating complex craniofacial-related concerns involving the skull, face, and jaw.

Significant and concerning side effects include difficulty eating, chewing, sleeping, or speaking. And if either or similar irregularities are experienced, treatment is necessary. Proper treatment will alleviate pain and complications and restore the overall composition of the face and any other affected areas.

Technological advances in dental treatment allow Dr. Akavan to pair her expertise with automated treatment planning. She could maximize surgery effectiveness while decreasing treatment and recovery times by doing so. Reduced recovery times allow patients to jump back into their daily routine much sooner than traditional times.

Akavan Orthodontics operates using the latest techniques, the most effective tips, and quality materials to ensure our patients are equipped with the absolute best resources to achieve their desired results.


The temporomandibular joint primarily controls the fundamental movement of the jawbone, generally referred to as the jaw joint or the TMJ. The joint primarily controls the muscles associated with general functions of the hinge-like speaking, chewing, swallowing, and even your smile! It can also be a source of pain.

Temporomandibular disorder, TMD, is when the systematic makeup (the discs, bones, joints, and muscles) that makes up the TMJ are malfunctioning. It becomes a series of pain and disorder that can spread beyond the initial site and into other nearby areas.

TMD is rooted in an uneven bite-down pattern generally caused by teeth alignment issues. However, restorative care must focus not only on the teeth but also on the jaw. Grinding teeth and jaw clenching can also be the culprit of pain in TMD. Braces and Invisalign options are two of the most effective ways to fix teeth and alignment.

Sleep Apnea

As orthodontic treatments evolve, we learn more too. The understanding of sleep apnea has progressed vastly. The problem is rooted in the blockage of the airway. However, an inhibited airway passage can stem from underlying issues in the jaw. When the jaw’s growth isn’t fully mature, it can create a problem for the airway behind the tongue. During sleep, the tongue’s weight, palate, and lower jaw can cause a temporary breathing obstruction, otherwise known as Obstructive Sleep apnea.

Getting Your Free

When you come in for your no charge consultation:

I’ll evaluate and explain your orthodontic and pediatric dentistry needs for you or your child, and from there we’ll figure out your best choice — braces, Invisalign®, different aligners, or a different option.

What matters to me is to provide you with the best possible care and have you end up with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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