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About Dr.Nooshi Akavan

Enchancing Lives Through Beautiful Smiles

It's my privilege and passion to work closely with each of my patients in finding the treatment option that best meets their wishes and needs and is affordable.

Dr. Nooshi Akavan attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry graduating in 1988 with her doctorate in Dental Sciences. Over 25 years of experience USC graduate Board Certified Orthodontis.

Upon graduating from dental school, Dr. Akavan practiced general dentistry for three years before returning to the University of Southern California earning her degree in orthodontics and her masters in craniofacial biology.

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25+Years of experience

USC graduate

What Benefits Does Invisalign Offer?

The cost for Invisalign treatment in Tarzana starts at $2350.00* and most ppo dental insurance covers a portion of it. The average cost varies from $2350-$5500 depending on the severity of the misalignment issues that need to be addressed.

Planning to make some improvements to your smile, but thinking you should wait until a later date? Now is the "later time."

Dr. Akavan, a Platinum Invisalign Provider, is in the top tier of North American providers. Invisalign has proven effective in straightening teeth and procuring many other benefits, including boosted confidence and a matching radiant smile.

Straight teeth are also instrumental in promoting overall self-care and health routines. As a result, moving yourself up on your maintenance list is always a great idea, and it invests in your health, future, and overall happiness.

Factors That Determine Invisalign Treatment Cost?

In short, the scope of orthodontic work is dependent on the patient's individual needs. However, it's highly likely, more affordable than you think. Dr. Akavan understands that each patient's needs can vary, so she starts with a diagnostic run of vital information. The first step is usually a detailed x-ray and images. She will also consult with you about your family health history, along with any personal concerns you may have. Based on this complete service exam, the two of you can determine if Invisalign treatment is the best option.

Should Invisalign be the recommended treatment, the next step is to create 3D replica images of your teeth using the iTero Scanner. The replicated images will assist in creating a customized plan for treatment.

The cost associated with Invisalign treatment is similar to braces treatment, but a few aspects help determine price. They are:

The intricacy levels of your treatment
How long it will take to correct
The type of insurance coverage
Personal diligence in committing to wearing your aligners

Payment Options for Invisalign

We advocate for dream smiles and believe there is no room for anything to stand in your way of achieving that radiant smile. Cost should be the last of the challenges. For this reason, we are excited to offer different payment options for affordable treatment, regardless of who you are. We accept most major insurance coverage, and we also work with your insurance company to help maximize the use of your benefits. In most cases, if traditional orthodontic treatment is under your insurance coverage, so is Invisalign treatment.

We also offer out-of-pocket payment options, including no interest and in-house financing. If you prefer to pay for your treatment in full, we offer a full discount and accept automatic credit card payments. Our goal is to make treatment affordable for everyone.

Your Smile is A Worthy Investment

Choosing Invisalign treatment isn't just a product purchase but a lifestyle investment created to enhance your quality of life. Invisalign treatment yields a smile that is a confidence booster and is a happiness igniter that does wonders for self-esteem. The effects are favorable to all areas of your life, both private and professional, making your first impression a lasting impression.

Your social life will be a breeze, especially the excitement to be present in life's significant events like reunions, gatherings, and vacations. Even better are the results of your treatment and benefits that can last a lifetime.

Start Your Invisalign Treatment Today!

Deciding to improve your quality of life through a mesmerizing smile is a life-enhancing decision, and if you are ready to change your life, Dr. Nooshi Akavan is excited to help. Contact us today by calling 818-345-9601. We will discuss how Invisalign can assist you in achieving a brand new smile. You can also schedule your consultation online. We are excited to help you showcase your radiant smile with Invisalign treatment.

Getting Your Free

When you come in for your no charge consultation:

I’ll evaluate and explain your orthodontic and pediatric dentistry needs for you or your child, and from there we’ll figure out your best choice — braces, Invisalign®, different aligners, or a different option.

What matters to me is to provide you with the best possible care and have you end up with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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