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Early Treatment Is Better

Around age seven, children are at an oral crossroads and have a mixture of baby and adult teeth.Dr. Nooshi Akavan identifies this as the orthodontic sweet spot to identify potential dental problems like bites, overcrowding, and misalignment.

Early Phase Orthodontics is critical to early dental care. Considering that dental problems can go unseen by an untrained eye, Dr. Nooshi Akavan encourages parents to begin their child’s dental visits at around age 7. Early diagnosis can be the difference between prolonged dental problems and early treatment. This is important considering that a remarkably high percentage of kids display teeth and jaw dental concerns early. Early orthodontic treatment may not be the case for every child, and some kids may have circumstances that parents can address later.

There are certain habits that children tend to develop at an early age that can cause dental problems in kids. Thumb and finger sucking and tongue thrusts are among those habits, and prolonged actions can contribute to damaged teeth, issues with their jaw, and multiple other developmental issues. Considering that Dr. Akavan does a thorough assessment of your child’s teeth. In her evaluation, she is looking for crowded and protruding teeth, baby and permanent teeth, missing teeth as well as impacted teeth. Other discrepancies she will be looking for include signs of sleep apnea, extra teeth, and signs of teeth grinding and clenching.

Early Phase Orthodontics is instrumental in identifying early orthodontic issues. However, considering their jaw is still developing, Dr. Akavan can quickly assess their orthodontic needs and prevent future problems that may cause dental distress to their permanent teeth. These issues can include the need for implants, TMJ treatment, obstructive sleep apnea, and other airway disorders.

Orthodontic treatment has gained a range of available options, and traditional metal braces are no longer the only option. Other therapies include ceramic braces and the sleeker transparent aligner system Invisalign.

Early Treatment May Use A Variety Of Appliances

Collaborative orthodontic treatments may be an option in early phase orthodontics, particularly braces. Coordinated treatments can help correct jaw irregularities and better structure growth.

Additional Appliances Include


They correct bite and crowding issues as well as impacted teeth. Expanders can also widen the upper jaw taking care of narrow jaws. The results are deliberate but usually complete in up to 6 months.

Mandibular Advancements

Helps promotes proper growth and location of the lower jaw.


This appliance is worn at night and forces the upper jaw in a forward position to correct an underbite.

Correcting Bad Habits

Thumb Sucking

One of the most natural and earliest developed habits is thumbsucking. While some children may hold on to it, it usually disappears around 2-4. For the percentage of kids who continue the habit, the prolonged pressure from their thumb can cause teeth alignment problems leading to changes in the shape of the jaw. Further orthodontic issues that can develop include an open bite and speech impairment.

Other Problems

Early phase orthodontists can also assist Dr.Akavan in identifying other concerns, including mouth breathing and tongue thrusting. Early diagnosis allows her to point out corrective treatments that can help alleviate the habits sooner to avoid later damage. Early orthodontic monitoring is critical because such concerns aren’t always readily identifiable.

Akavan Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry and Children’s Dentistry has an in-house lab that leads the industry in innovative custom orthodontic appliances. We create unique devices like lingual arches, retains, and expanders. Our readily available access dramatically decreases manufacturing time, and we provide you with your first retainer for free, complete with a lifetime of free retainer checks.

Learn about your child’s orthodontic needs early, as early treatment is the best. It’s also the most promising approach to giving your child the gift of self-esteem enhancement through a beautiful smile.

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